How to Create the Best Landing Page?

Creating a good Landing page that converts is not an easy undertaking, but if you do it correctly it can make a big difference for your campaign results.

So how to create a high performance landing page?

First of all, you need to define what is the purpose this landing page. What are your goals? Is it a landing page destined to sell products? Is it a landing page used for lead generating content? Is it made so that people register for your workshop or course? When you have the answer to this question, think what people might ask about it and try to present the answers in the content. Understand who is your audience and what is the best way to talk to them. If the target audience is CEOs’ of banks, you cannot use same language as when you’re addressing teenagers.

Write the answers to all these questions and when you have the answers, you can continue to plan your landing page.

Start with an eye-catching title.

You have 3-5 seconds to make the user want to stay on the page and continue reading, so it better be an interesting and eye catching title.

Formulate it as a question to which the answer is the product or service you want to sell; “Looking for smashing website designer?” “Want your face to look 10 years younger?”

The title needs to be followed by informative text:

“Smashing web design services perfect for your business” or “The new treatment by (insert your name brand here) to look young again“; you can also add a stimulating sales point, for example: ‘in 7 days’, ‘for the best price’. Make sure this title is ABOVE the fold. (No need to scroll down to see it).

After you have a killer title and few lines to describe what you are selling, you should introduce yourself. It is much easier to buy something from someone known, or at least who’s face known, it’s the security that behind the product or service there is a real person. You can film yourself talking or add a your picture, with few lines to describe your expertise and knowledge.


Next thing will be TESTIMONIALS. Ok everybody can see what you say about yourself now lets see what other say about you. The best way is by taking videos of real client that speak about your product. Make short videos in which they talk about how your product helped them and how great you are. People always like to see other people with the same problem.

Call to Action – Don’t forget to tell your visitor exactly what you want them to do:

“Click here to receive your bonus”, “fill in the form and we will get back to you” or “register today and get a 10% discount”.

Make the button outstanding. Repeat this button a few times on the page. Psychologically it works great! And no, there’s no need to flash it, animate it or make fireworks exploding from it. The consumers have grown beyond that!

The content

It is not a secret that people don’t like to read long lines of text. Make sure to use short lines, bold descriptions, underline phrases and different colors for important information. Use short paragraphs and sub titles.

You can also change the content depending on the source you used.

The design

As a web designer I always think design is the most important thing.

Respect your product. Use a smashing images and pictures, always better if they are your own and not taken from a stock, always make sure they are sharp, not blurry or pixelate. Use the colors of your brand and a contrary color for the call to action buttons.

Do not forget:

  • Add your social media channels buttons.
  • Add a confirmation page
  • Test form.
  • Make sure the page is responsive and looks good on all devices.

Remember! You have only few seconds to engage your user. You have to make them want to stay for more.

Looking to create a smashing landing page? Contact me, and we can get started.

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