Logo Design

Designing your logo is one of the most challenging but also rewarding missions for a designer. Your logo will go all the way with you, from your brochures, business cards to your website and more. It should reflect your product and make it memorable.

A good logo is distinctive, appropriate to your business and your target audience, simple in form and conveys a message. There are five principles to what an effective logo is – simple, memorable, timeless, versatile and appropriate.
There are three main types of logo designs:
1. Typography
This uses a font base with no addition of images. It may use different font weights, colours or maybe different fonts all to give it some ‘pow’ factor. The font(s) and colours chosen should follow all your other brand creative items like business cards etc.

Logo Design


* Logo for Options Now – Binary Options Website.

Requested a simple elegant logo


2. Font + Icon
This the most common type of logo you see. The icon can be a small dot, square or asterisk or it could be a more complicated symbol.



* Player Digger – Client requested a figure to follow the brand in all campaigns, banners landing page etc.

3. Illustration
The third one is illustration – it can be a character or another illustration where the name of the site and the graphic are combined in one unit.



* Royal Scratch – Scratch card platform, requested a fun, memorable logo.




So how does it work?
Here’s how we approach the exciting task of designing your logo:

Step 1 – We plan.
We make sure we have all the information we need about you and your product, your target audience and the impact you wish to create. We find out your preferred colours, fonts and any other details that you think says ‘You’.

Step 2 – We design your logo.
We’ll present you with 3 different logos taking different approaches. This allows you to look at your logo with a fresh perspective and decide which direction you want to refine.

Step 3 – We revise and refine.

We listen to your feedback and make changes, refinements and revisions to ensure we get a result you are happy with.

Step 4 – We deliver.

When we get your final approval, we will send you the final files for print and web use.

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