To blog or not to blog

Does your website have a blog? If it doesn’t, you should start writing and post regularly.
There are five main reasons why you should have a blog:

1. Increases your SEO performance.
Whatever you will do to increase your website ranking in search engines, cannot compete with the advantage of rich, new, and relevant content on your site. You can add meta tags and build links but none of them have the strong impact as constantly adding fresh content to your website and what better way to do it the writing a blog.

2. Build your credibility and authority.
A business blog can help increase your perceived credibility: Well-written blog shows that you know your subject and eager to spread your knowledge and teach others. You can easily share diagram, showcases, presentation on your blog to increase your credibility and professionalism.

3. Connect your brand with a human being.
It is a known fact that people prefer to connect to people. Faces and names are always preferred then a cold “live support” or online sales robots. When you write a blog, you expose your audience to your daily life, the people around you – and as we know people like to read about other people life. Remember, people do business with people, not businesses.

4. Boost your social media efforts.
Blog is the best way to share ideas on your social media content pages. We all have at least one social media account and it’s not often easy to find ideas and new content to post, so a blog can be a good way to drive traffic from you social media to your website.

5. Help build your audience.
With every post you can add a box to collect email addresses from your followers.
After a while you will see you have a list of people that are interested in your ideas and knowledge. Then you can start your email marketing but that’s for another post.
Image by DarkmoonArt_de from Pixabay