Web Design and Search Engines Optimization

Not all web designers design according to the search engines rules. It is highly important to hire web designer that understands one or two thing about SEO. A well designed website will definitely keep your users on your site but not necessary will bring the traffic to it. The ideal site is both well designed and search engines friendly; one brings the traffic to your site, the other one keep it there.

The search engines spiders don’t care how your website looks. The design is only for your human visitors. All these robotic crawlers need is the textual information in the site. They can’t see images, video, flash and all other non textual technologies. The trick is to combine between a website for human and robots visitors.

SEO web design is a competitive area, where web designer has to come up every time with innovative ideas that relevant to the current time. A designer also need to make sure that the navigation on a website will be easy to understand, target the site for the ideal audience and make it visually attractive. It is highly important as well to make all these things available for search engines spider as well.

A good web designer with knowledge in SEO design must make a research first. He needs to check the competitor’s site both design and SEO strategies. He must keep in mind that the website he creates has to be better in search engines ranking and operate accordingly.

One last thing and very important is to keep update in the latest news from the search engines. There are few websites that provide SEO news like Google webmasters.

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