Website vs. social media 2021

Website vs. social media 2021

Clients often ask me whether it is really necessary to build a website, if they regularly post all required information on their social media channels, such as Facebook, Instagram, or LinkedIn. My answer is a big Yes. You definitely need a website to increase your online presence.


All social media channels are certainly valuable, there are so many ways to show your product or service on social media. And yet, I am convinced that no channel showcases your products as vividly as does a well designed website. The post on your social media channels cannot replace the added value of your own website, it can help you make it stronger.

I do believe that all social media channels help you communicate with your target audience. Yet if you want to answer your clients’ questions in full and do this in one place, not across five different posts, you need to have a proper website.

This is the main difference between a website and social media channels. Your website gathers under one roof all your ideas, services, and portfolio. On a social media channel, by contrast, clients need to fish for required information, jumping from one post to another in order to get the full picture of your products and services. On a website, all required data is laid out in one place for everybody to see and is, therefore, never misconstrued.

Another fact speaks in favor of a website: on your website, the content you post will never be supervised and will inspire your audience’s complete trust in your services. All you need to do to win your clients’ trust is to include on your website such important information as an About Us page, services, portfolio, if needed, and contact details.

With this data provided, and with the help of your social media channels, your website will soon bring you new clients, clearly showing them who you are, what you sell, and how to contact you.

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