What’s the Story?

An Instagram story is an excellent example of an innovative and up-to-date marketing method. But do not run away with the idea that this method is easy. Unless users familiarize themselves with all its features, they will not be able to use it effectively.

What is a story or stories?
The idea of ​​stories draws its origins from the feeling of FOMO (fear of missing out) the fear that an exciting or interesting event may currently be happening elsewhere. A wish to receive breaking news updates is intensified by a fleeting nature of a story. Stories are published for 24 hours only, after which they disappear, unless they saved in highlights.

Stories have the following strengths that users should take in consideration as as part of Instagram’s advertising strategy:

A high level of engagement created by the possibility to be in touch with your audience, which, in turn, produces a sense of close relations with your audience. Interaction tools enabling you to do animations, run surveys, and receive and answer questions.
A combination of all types of content, be it texts, images, or videos.

If you are wondering how to market with the help of stories, the answer is simple: Upload them.

What content makes a good story? Anything you see as relevant to your page, both at the professional and personal level, can be the stuff that good stories are made of. After all, social networks were created to bring people together. Also note that even when you promote your business, you should always add a personal touch to your advertisements so that potential customers connect not only to the business or services you offer but also to the people running your business and, in so doing, follow not only their heads but also their hearts.

Sponsored stories on Instagram

Since Facebook acquired Instagram, the two major social networks have shared a similar advertising system. Thus, in order to advertise in a story through sponsored ads, you have to turn Instagram into a business and connect it to your Facebook page. That way, you can upload any story, then go into its settings and make it sponsored. Next, you will be taken to select your target audience and budget, the procedure similar to posting sponsored ads on Facebook. After doing this, you can get the ball rolling. With sponsored stories you can also add a link which currently available only for accounts with more then 10,000 followers.

More ways to improve branding through stories
* Posted a new post? share it to your story to tell everyone to go and check your new post.
* Share your audience’s story if they tagged you
* Go live – show your work ‘live’
* Answer questions to your audience

Another interesting fact is that 60% of the most successful brands on Instagram ensure a uniform appearance of their stains using a custom filter. Today, the custom filter is a product offered for sale by various experts in the field of graphics, but this can also be achieved through an external filter. A uniform look of the feed and the stories creates a unique experience for every follower.

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